Betpawa UG Impressed me after placing my first bet.

Betpawa UG Impressed me after placing my first bet.

Betpawa Ug is a sports betting company that seems to have massive users in Uganda. Ugandans like football and anyone that likes football will like to play football bet, maybe he can win big. There are many other betting companies in Uganda, such as Betway Helabet and many others. But I choose Betpawa Ug as the bookie with which I will place my bets. Today I will tell you why and what happened.

Betpawa Registration is easy, but that of Sportybet is much easier. I completed the registration process in 5 minutes. To register, visit their website Betpawa Ug, and click join now. Enter your phone number and your desired password. The following two sections of the form that is requesting your name are susceptible. You are asked to input your first name and last name. Please use your name as it is in your bank account, and be sure that you also have a valid ID. Betting companies can be funny when you win big.

Ugandans must select their District, and nationality, and input their National Identification Number before clicking Join Now. I always recommend reading their terms and conditions before registration. Would you mind avoiding having a double account with them?

why choose Betpawa Ug

Some things that impressed me the first time I visited Betpawa Ug might amaze you. Take your time and see the major factors that got me impressed.

  • Fast website Loading.
  • Lots of tutorials on how to use Betpawa Ug.
  • Free Bet.
  • Minimum Stake and Maximum Stake.
  • Smooth Deposit System.
  • Jackpot.

Fast website loading

The first impression someone can get after visiting a website the how fast the site loads. Betpawa Ug website loads fast, and it has little JavaScript in it and a few images. The speed of the website made me feel that I was safe in terms of data consumption. You will also notice the same thing when you visit their website.

Lots of Tutorial Available

The first time I visited the Betpawa Ug website, I was confused as a first-time visitor. Immediately, I sighted some tutorials in the middle section of the site. More of these tutorials can be located if you navigate to the help section from the menu at the top bar of the site, here you will see tons of resources on how you can navigate through Betpawa Ug.

I explored the tutorials on the site, giving me information on how to navigate their website. The tutorials helped make me feel confident that I can navigate their website and place my bet. These Tutorials cover how to place a bet, deposit money to your wallet, create a Betpawa account, and many more.

Betpawa Free Bet

I was welcomed with a free bet which I won. Maybe because I am good at betting, it gave me a good sign that I can always win my bets. You, too, will like a free bet. It’s something you should try and see if you can win too. After winning the Betpawa free bet, I now have 62 Naira in my wallet. I navigated to Live Bet at the right menu and selected a game whose odd was 1.3. I placed the bet with 1 naira to verify if it is true that you can stake a game with 1 naira on their site.

Yes, indeed, you can stake a bet with 1 naira or 1 UGX on Betpawa Ug. Later I won the bet. After that, I Games section on the left menu on their site and navigated to Black Jack where I turned the money to 180 Naira, suddenly, and started Losing until the money became 9 Naira, someone would say I lost in the blackjack. Yes, betting is all about winning and losing. The minimum stake on the blackjack is 25 Naira.

The maximum amount a user can win if he stakes on a single game is 400k. There is a win bonus if you select more than three games. The Win bonus boosts your winnings. Once a win bonus is applied to your ticket, the maximum you can win is 25 million. Bear in mind that your win bonus will be reduced to match the potential payout if you exceed the maximum possible winning. If you have two selections on your ticket, the maximum possible winning is 13.5 million.

My first deposit on Betpawa ug

How to deposit Batpawa Ug was the Tutorial that rang a bell in my head. I quickly scanned through and processed and did the following steps below.

I clicked deposit on the top bar of their website and saw four different deposit options, which thrilled me because if a particular deposit option is not working, another one will work. I quickly scanned through the deposit options available: Credit Card (ATM Card) deposit, Bank Deposit and Mtn Airtime, and USSD option. I discovered that all these deposit options have a minimum of 100 Naira on them with free Transaction fees except for Mtn airtime which has a minimum of 250 Naira and 50 Naira transaction fees.

Once you click on any of these payment methods, you will see some steps you are to take to complete the deposit. Bear in mind that Paystack is processing bank transfers and card deposits. And I have tested these two payment or deposit options. The Card Card payment option debit your Credit Card to deposit money to your Betpawa Ug Wallet. Note that OTP authorization is, While the Bank transfer option allows you to input your account number in a Paystack Window and authorize a debit from your account using an OTP. To me, that’s the fastest and easiest deposit option they have.

After making my deposit, I didn’t receive any deposit bonus, although I did not bother about that. Now is the time for me to place my first real bet with Betpawa ug. I first visited an excellent football prediction website and took some games there, and I navigated through the tournament section on the left menu of the Bwtpawa Ug website, staked the games expecting to win.


Jackpot Is another exciting thing on Betpawa Ug. The exciting thing is You can play jackpot games with 10 Naira, and they display new Jackpot games daily, and the price tag for 100% accuracy is 1,000,000 naira while they say you will get some reward if you miss 3. I selected some games on the jackpot and paid 10 Naira and the ticket price for the jackpot and staked. That is how my account balance went down to zero. That’s how I finished the money in my Betpawa wallet.

Note that there are rules attached to the jackpot. Winnings are being shared among winners of the jackpot. If your Jackpot prediction has 10+ correct options, you will be paid, but the amount you will be paid is according to the company’s discretion.

Withdrawal process

The withdrawal button on their website is hidden under the top-right menu. To make a withdrawal of your winnings, once you are logged in, click the top-right menu withdraw. You can withdraw your winnings to your bank account, which Paystack is processing. You can also choose to withdraw to Opay. I have not yet tested their Opay withdrawal to confirm how it works at the point of writing this article.

Nevertheless, I spoke with their customer care representative, who let me know that withdrawals are manually approved. Bear in mind at this point. They verify if the name you used on their website matches the name on your bank account. Their customer care representative also let me know that Approval of withdrawals is within 15 minutes of placing a withdrawal,

Amazing support team

My deposit was not successful, but I was debited. I quickly scrolled down to the bottom of the Betpawa Ug website and clicked help on the bottom menu. On the help page, I saw different resources that can help resolve issues. I didn’t bother checking. I scroll down to the bottom, looking for a phone number to call. I saw a form whose input section is filled with my phone number. I quickly clicked the call me button. In a minute, my phone started ringing. I picked it up, and it was their customer care representative. I spoke with the person, and their customer care representative spoke to me calmly even though I was aggressive because I had been debited.

Their customer care representative assured me that the money deposited that was not successful would be refunded to my funding source if it did not reflect my wallet. And a few moments later, I refreshed the page, and my wallet was credited. I asked if a user can call Betpawa ng customer care line: 09087013748, and she said yes.

How I would describe my overall experience with them

My Verdict

It is nice to stake games on their site. I wanted to place more bets with them because of Accumulator Bonus. Some people also call it the Acca Bonus. I felt that their Acca bonus Is reasonable and worth the try. Because I did not see a robust verification procedure, I don’t think they would pay if you win heavily or a Punter that stakes heavily. They may block your account when you stake heavily. My conversation with them and my experience on their site shows that they avoid high-stakes punters ( that is, a punter who stake millions on a safe bet or single bet) on safe games. So if you fall into this category, avoid them.

Betpawa Ug is Best for low stakes and Jackpot.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.5.

  • The minimum stake is 1 naira
  • Accumulator bonus (Acca Bonus) or win bonus
  • Fast Withdrawal Approval
  • 24/7 and swift customer support
  • Jackpot
  • Paystack, airtime, and mobile money deposit
  • Their system does not support heavy staking on single games.
  • Maximum potential winning 25M.
  • There is no user verification system except for those in Uganda.
  • They only support three sportsbooks Football, Basketball, and Tennis.

Would you please make use of the comment section to share your experience with Betpawa Ug? If you have any issues with Betpawa Ug, explain the comment section below.

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